Write your research paper in a matter of days

Research paper writing can be fun, but if it is one of the first times you have written a research paper it can be hard to know where to start. This guide will show you how to complete your research paper in a matter of days.

Day 1

On day one you want to do all of your brainstorming and thesis development. Pick your favorite method of brainstorming and have fun with it.

Sometimes it helps if you let your creative side go when you’re in a brainstorming session. If you’re in the mood color code, picture model or collage any brainstorming you have. This will help you get intimately familiar with your topic.

Finalize your thesis statement once you've done all your brainstorming. The thesis statement is the idea or argument that the entire research paper seeks to prove or disprove.

Day 2

Outline and rough draft your paper.

Now that you have a solid thesis statement you are ready to do an outline and rough draft of your paper. Don’t worry, these steps are not going to take you all day because you can use a sentence outline.

A sentence outline is just like a regular outline: only, you write your ideas in complete sentences. When you’re done doing the sentence outline, you can input the sentences directly into your rough draft. This saves tons of time between outlining and drafting your paper.

Day 3

Have someone edit your paper. Nothing makes parents, teachers, and librarians happier than an eager student. Asking them to look at a rough draft to catch any mistakes is the easiest way to earn brownie points and get your paper edited by someone else.

Day 4

You have a freshly edited paper in your hand; now it’s time to revise it. This part can be the hardest because often those people you asked to edit your paper, actually edited it. Time to put your feelings aside and make the corrections that they have pointed out.

This is also the time to make sure that you like all of the points that you have included in your research paper. Any changes that you have to make to your paper should happen. All you have left to do is turn it in. Congratulations! You’ve written your research paper in less than 5 days.