A Collection Of Interesting Research Paper Topics On Business

Have you been assigned a paper in class, but are at your wit’s end trying to come up with the perfect research paper topics in business? Worry not as this task won’t seem like a big deal if you have a focused approach and some interesting topic to explore throughout. A list of interesting research paper topics in business is given below.

  1. Conduct a critical examination of the company policies that promote diversity within the organization. Evaluate the positive effects that arise from their implementation, as well as the possible problems.
  2. Do you think government regulations in the field of workplace diversity causes more harm than good?
  3. Assess the theoretical basis of pay based on performance. Examine the important methods that are used for linking employee performance to their payments. Try to understand which of these practices happen to be the most efficient in modern times and why.
  4. What do you think are the main ethics concerns in a particular industry? How can companies address these issues? At the same time, compare business ethics laws across various countries, and also investigate why corporate ethics policies are ineffective and present methods for improvement.
  5. Critically discuss the history of partnerships between private firms and the government within your state. What are the main disadvantages and benefits of such collaboration? How does this affect the public as well as the parties? In your opinion, how can public partnerships become more efficient and transparent?
  6. What do you think are the primary challenges of managing small enterprises? Make sure you understand the features that every successful small business shares with one another, and then come up with a good course of action for a small business founder to achieve great success quickly.
  7. Offer a brief overview of how the different franchising options came into being. Compare and contrast the buying of a franchise with the launching of a startup as two separate means to begin your own business. Make sure to present a list of pros and cons involving both approaches and then work on deciding which one works better in which case.