A Collection of Women's History Research Paper Topics

Women’s history is a rich and diverse research subject that covers the lives of women all over the world. These women hail from different religious, cultural, and historical backgrounds, which means that they underwent separate trials and tribulations on the path to freedom and emancipation. Women’s history provides you with fodder for some great academic papers, but due to the vast number of topics available, it is recommended that students focus on just one, instead of expanding their scope.

While some research students might find it difficult to find the right topics, others may have difficulty in choosing one that fits their requirements.

  1. Discuss how women were unjustly feared and persecuted during the time of the Salem Witch Trials in America.
  2. What was the status and position enjoyed by the womenfolk during the early years of Colonial America?
  3. What sort of role did women have to play in the American Revolution?
  4. Explore how African American women have been treated all along via a comparative account of the past and the present.
  5. What do you know about the first woman physician Elizabeth Blackwell?
  6. Discuss how women were affected during the American Civil War.
  7. How was the Women’s Trade Union League formed? Did it do anything to uplift the status of women in society?
  8. During World War II, how did women contribute? What roles were they assigned to?
  9. Is the Constitution of the United States discriminatory when it comes to women?
  10. How have Native American Women been viewed throughout history? Has the viewpoint encountered any change in the modern era?
  11. Write what you know about American women patriots.
  12. What was the position of women in the American senate? Were they influential, or were they merely placeholders? Discuss some of the inspirational women governors of the United States.
  13. How far have women abolitionists come in society? Discuss the position of black and white women abolitionists.
  14. What is the Harlem Renaissance? What was the role of women of color in the process?
  15. What do you know about the Slave Poet of Colonial America, Phillis Wheatley?
  16. Discuss the multiple roles played by Sojourner Truth – that of a woman abolitionist, preacher, and women’s rights advocate.
  17. Trace the journey from slavery to freedom in the life of Harriet Tubman.
  18. Why is Rosa Parks such a memorable name in women’s history? What role did she have to play in the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
  19. The role of a woman in the economy and “women’s work” have been defined separately through the ages – true or false?
  20. How would you explain the slogan “Every woman is a working woman”? Give examples in support of your argument.
  21. What was the status of work for women in the early years of America?
  22. How have women stepped up to the plate throughout history in times of war, a far cry from their expected role of keeping “the home fires burning”?
  23. What can you tell us about the warrior women in the Ancient and Classical World?
  24. Do women make good spies? What does history tell us?
  25. How far has social reform been affected by the efforts of women?
  26. Discuss some of the fashions for women prevalent in the 17th century.
  27. How did Coco Chanel redefine fashion for women? What role did she have to play in women’s empowerment?